Help on Macbeth Act 1 Thesis Statement?

I need help on my thesis after already finding numerous quotes that show Macbeth's and Lady Macbeth's different ideas on masculinity: Macbeth believes a man needs to be loyal, moral, and not greedy for power whereas Lady believes a man needs to be willing to sacrifice anything for power, needs to be ruthless, and carry out promises. The question for my essay is What is the role of masculinity and manhood so far in the plot of Macbeth? What does it mean to be a man in the world of Macbeth, and how does this perception shape the plot? (Your answer to these questions will create your thesis).I really do not understand the "how does this perception shape the plot" part and I don't know how to answer it in my thesis. Please remember that this is only for the first act of the play, please don't talk about/give away any other parts of the book.Thanks in advance.

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  1. stylohyal says:

    well macbeth found pride and pleasure in become the thane of cawdor but lady macbeth wants him to be king at any cost necessary